Am. Samoa considers corporate tax replacement

Corporate Charades

The tax could collect up to $40 million annually, the department says. Gross receipts tax is similar to sales tax, except it’s levied against businesses rather than consumers directly. American Samoa Treasurer Falemao “Phil” Pili said if the tax is approved, the corporate tax would be initially reduced by 30 percent and eventually eliminated within three years. Pili said the territory’s corporate tax rate is among the highest in the Pacific and is high compared with U.S.

Andreessen Horowitz Bets on Car Sharing for Corporate Fleets

I only singled out GE, IBM and Intel because the two academicians put the spotlight on them and I wanted to enlarge the spotlight. These three corporations are certainly not unique in falling short of meeting my seven criteria. I would be absolutely dumbfounded if anyone could identify a public corporation that meets all of the seven criteria.